Events where you need a Photo Booth Rental 

Photos are always an important part of any event. It serves as one of the event’s main highlights. This makes an event unique, different and something extra that can lead to a memorable one event that you and your guests will surely love. However, hiring a professional photographer will cost you a lot. That’s why a photo booth rental becomes increasingly popular at any type of events here in Pittsburgh. Looking for a photo booth rental Pittsburgh will surely result in less cost, more guests to get a photo, and serves as your event’s souvenir.   Photo Booth Rental

Reasons why your event needs a photo booth 

  • Entertainment 

A photo booth provides entertainment for your guest whether they an adult or a younger one. It makes your event to the next level by giving an instant printed copy of their shot. Also, guests can enjoy it by striking their best pose, use props, or wear a funky mask and hats. 

  • Customized Design 

If your event has a theme, photo booth rental can handle your photo strips in a themed template.  

  • Instant Moments 

Just like a Polaroid, a photo booth is instant but makes it to the next level. It has unlimited prints, can be customized, and guests would really enjoy it a lot. It is printed instantly so your guests can easily see their once in a lifetime moment at your event.  


What are the common events where you need a photo booth rental? 

  • Wedding 

Choosing a photo booth rental at your wedding provides your guest extra and creative shots that professional photographer cannot provide. Also, it gives you a level of affordability and let you focused on your wedding while your guests continue to enjoy capturing their photos in the booth.  

  • Corporate 

Photo booth rental Pittsburgh is flexible no matter where location your event to be held at. May it is in a small office building or in large rental spaces; they can fit anywhere and provide the same quality of services you are expecting for. 

  • Birthday 

Let photo booth rental capture memories of your birthday. This provides a funny, entertaining, and creative way to celebrate your birthday with your guests for it has props and funky masks and hats your guests can wear it. 

  • Holiday 

Make holidays have an extra layer of festive vibes with photo booth rental. This can capture a special event within your town and produce memories as every year comes. 

  • Church 

May it be a special mass, christening, social event, or Christmas, photo booth rental will surely save your event. It will also have an extra layer of captured event spirit that guests can always look back. 

  • New Year 

Probably, this one is the biggest celebrations of the year. This is the perfect way to hire a photo booth rental especially when you celebrate it with your neighbors so you can capture memories with them.  

Having a photo booth rental Pittsburgh in your event will surely capture memories and create a once in a lifetime your guests can look back. That’s why Pittsburgh Photo Booth Pros can save your event by giving an extra layer of enjoyment for your guests. For photo booth rentals, you may visit us at or contact us at 412-206-5049 for a free instant quote.  

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